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Glossary of SkeeBall Terms

By Service Alley May 18, 2023 0 comments


  • Alley: The playing area or lane where the SkeeBall machine is located.
  • Arcade: A venue or establishment that houses multiple games, including SkeeBall machines.


  • Bank Shots: A technique where the player intentionally aims the ball to bounce off the side walls of the ramp to reach a desired target hole.
  • Bonus Ball: A special ball awarded to players who achieve a certain score or complete specific objectives. This ball usually offers the chance to earn extra points.
  • Bounce: When a ball hits the ramp or side walls before entering a target hole.
  • Bullseye: The highest-scoring target hole, usually located in the center of the target area.


  • Foul Line: The imaginary line on the ramp that marks the point beyond which players must release the ball.


  • High Score: The highest achieved score in a single game, often recorded on a leaderboard.


  • Points: The numerical value assigned to each target hole. Higher-scoring holes typically award more points.
  • Power Roll: A forceful and deliberate roll that aims to increase the ball's speed and control.



  • Ramp: The inclined surface in the alley where players roll the balls.
  • Redemption Tickets: The paper or electronic tickets dispensed by the machine based on the player's score. These tickets can often be exchanged for prizes or rewards at an arcade or entertainment venue.
  • Reset: The action of returning the game to its initial state, often done after a game is finished or when a new player is ready to start.
  • Roll: The act of releasing the ball from your hand and allowing it to travel up the ramp toward the target holes.


  • Scoreboard: The display or indicator that shows the player's current score and sometimes additional game information.
  • Side Pockets: The target holes on either side of the bullseye, typically offering moderate points.
  • Skeeball Machine: The arcade game itself, consisting of the ramp, target holes, and scoring mechanism.
  • Streak: A sequence of consecutive successful rolls or high-scoring shots.
  • Swish: When a ball goes directly into a target hole without touching the sides.


  • Target Holes: The circular openings located at the end of the ramp where players aim to roll the balls into.
  • Tokens: The coins or tokens used to activate and play a SkeeBall machine.
  • Token Slot: The designated area on the machine where players insert their tokens or coins to start the game.
  • Tournament: A competitive event where players compete against each other to achieve the highest scores within a given time frame.

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